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Why Print Marketing Still Matters

With the advent of digital media, there have been incessant calls by technophiles for print marketing to be scrapped. It is easy for individuals to believe that print marketing is no longer of interest. However, this is a mistaken belief since print remains an extremely formidable and viable medium of communication. Actually, it has never lost its original impact. Here is why you should consider incorporating print marketing in your business setup.

The Concreteness and Memorability of Print Media

Printed postcards and flyers are regarded to be more tangible than virtual information received via the web. Such materials can be pinned to bulletin boards for easy remembrance. Recipients of information over the web are likely to forget about it as soon as they read it. On the other hand, it is easier to remember printed information since it communicates broadly. Besides this, printed materials can be kept for future reference. Such info engages a wider variety of senses and therefore, it is more memorable.

Uniqueness and Brand Identity

Print marketing can go a long way in helping you establish brand worthiness within the marketplace. It establishes the value of your brand since it communicates more broadly with your clients. It has a broad reach and also targets a specific audience. This means that when using print media, your advertising campaigns will be market-oriented. Even though it has longer lag times, print marketing has a lengthier shelf life and is more penetrative. What’s more, its impact reverberates beyond the first reader. Since more entrepreneurs are using digital advertising platforms, you are likely to stand out by incorporating print media in your campaigns. You will equally capture the attention of different segments of your target audience.


D.I. Marketing Group has access to a state of the art production house in which we bring to life your vision from concept to completion and even execution. In most cases D.I Marketing Group can turn vision into a completed order in 24hrs. Our services that will represent your brand building initiatives are:

Print Marketing is Credible

Printed media has been a marketing tool for centuries. In as much as digital technology reaches many people within a short time, print has maintained its credibility and reputation as the basic mode of marketing. Digital marketing campaigns such as banners and pop-up advertisements are fast becoming unpopular because they are associated with viruses and spams. Besides this, consumers often turn to print media for accurate information. For you to gain your would-be clients’ trust, you should add printed materials to your advertising campaigns.

Print is More Engaging

Despite the fact that consumers get bombarded with advertisements daily, they are likely to be more engaged when they are reading printed materials rather than digital content. Also, consumers are likely to read printed content for longer than information posted on the web. In line with this, you should note that certain modes of print marketing are simply irreplaceable. These include business cards.

How to Incorporate Print Marketing in Your Setup

There are various mechanisms that you can use to integrate print marketing into your advertising strategy so that it becomes more effective. Apart from traditional solutions such as the use of flyers, business cards, and direct mail, you should consider using QR Codes, large formatting printing, and variable date prints. QR codes are particularly innovative since they enable consumers who own smartphones to get information about your operations and products. Through the use of QR codes, it is easy for would-be clients to go to particular promotional or landing pages on your website without necessarily typing in a URL. Large format printing comes in handy during events and trade shows. It creates better brand recognition, which in turn attracts more traffic to your table or booth. Variable data printing involves creating customized materials that target a specific segment of the market.